Natalie Skyy was born on November 15 in Santa Clara, California.  She has been involved in modeling, acting, dance, and theatre since the vibrant young age of four.  Attracted to the spotlight at a very young age, she began studying jazz, tap, and ballet at the Marie Stinnett Dance Studio in San Jose, California.  Her love of performing led her to her stage debut in several plays at the Missoula Children’s Theatre in Saratoga, California.  In 1994 Natalie began her modeling career with Look Agency of San Francisco, California. There she gained national print exposure for major retail stores Macy’s and Mervyn’s (1995).  In addition, she performed voice over commercials for the world renowned clothing brand Levi’s (1996).

Skyy Made her professional mixed martial arts debut as a Ring Girl with Strikeforce in 2008.  After multiple Strikeforce fight nights between 2008 and 2009, Natalie parted ways to collaborate with the Texas-based MMA promotion, Shark Fights.  Skyy not only served as a Shark Fights Ring Girl, she created and designed their uniforms as well.  Natalie’s role in the MMA community earned her a nomination for the 2010 Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Ring Girl of the Year award.  Soon after Natalie partnered with the first national UFC Gym in Concord, California and became their fight night and Octagon Nation virtual hostess (2011).

in 2012 Natalie was asked to audition for a featured background role on the hit television series, “Sons of Anarchy,” where she was offered the role as one of the Olsen Twins in Season five. In season six, she co-starred as the Diosa escort, Kiki (2013).  Having yet another successful season, the writers brought the notable actress back to co-star in the highly anticipated seventh and final season of “Sons of Anarchy” (2014).

Natalie is a proud member of the Margie Haber studio in Los Angeles, California.  She is set to co-star in feature films “3 Days since” slated for 2017 release, as well as “The Glass Circle” slated for a 2018 release.


Natalie Skyy